About Us

THML Clothing is a young women’s contemporary line based out of Los Angeles, California. Formerly known as “Theme”, the brand was launched in October of 2007 and has since developed a modern and bohemian style that maintains a delicate balance between trends and classics.


THML Factory brings you the best of our sister lines, Dahlya and LeSample, as well as past season styles from THML Clothing into one convenient location. Carrying the same love for print and embroidery but with a fresher, younger look, these pieces provide the signature style of THML Clothing at competitive prices.

About Dahlya:

The dahlia (genus Dahlia) is the national flower of Mexico well known for its vibrant hues. When given as a gift, the dahlia flower expresses sentiments of dignity and elegance. It is also the symbol of a commitment and bonds that last forever. The dahlia flower is still used today in gardens and flower arrangements to celebrate love and marriage.

Dahlya Clothing is a contemporary missy brand that focuses on basic, everyday wear for the modern women, in addition to its bohemian-inspired flair. These qualities meld together beautifully through the thoughtful use of prints, lace, and intricate embroidery.

About LeSample:

Le Sample Clothing is an innovative junior’s wholesale line that offers the best of current trends to their customers. Located in Downtown Los Angeles, Le Sample stays relevant with up-and coming trends to deliver fresh styles to their customers.